Once upon a time there was a girl who loved sunsets, summertime, stars and her guitar. She loved to take pictures of the things she loved. She loved to take pictures that told stories. Stories of the past, stories of dreams, stories of people. Stories of moments that were and will never be again. She loved to see people smile, and to save those smiles for them to keep forever. This is her life. This is her story. What is your story? 

My name is Molly Williamson. I am an outdoor, on location photographer in the Wichita, Kansas area specializing in editorial style portraiture. Photography is my passion. I picked up a camera when I was seventeen and have had one in my hands ever since. I have worked for a wedding photographer for five years, gaining practical experience in everything from portraits to still life to photojournalism. I have enjoyed learning from and being mentored by a number of brilliant photographers.

I take deep delight in the telling of stories through images. The art of truly seeing the small things in life. The joy of appreciating the beauty in every face. This, combined with my fondness for style and fashion gives me the ability to provide a unique and highly personalized portrait experience. Everyone has a story. Let me give your story a voice by helping you develop a vision for your shoot.

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